My name is Antoine Vandewoude and I live and work in Antwerp, Belgium.

Following my studies in graphic design, I became a self-taught carpenter and furniture designer/maker. My workshop is a place where I have produced objects of a huge variety for clients equally diverse for over 20 years. Going from tables, chairs and cupboards to entire interiors. As most objects cannot be produced by simply following the instructions of the client, my ‘role’ is an intriguing mix of designer, researcher, collaborator, maker and installer.

About five years ago I began experimenting with pottery and ceramics. As deep fascination manifested itself. I have spent more and more time learning and creating, mostly on my own. I predominantly work with clay and porcelain, and produce everything in my studio. Once in a while, I make objects with a classical ‘purposes’, like vases, bowls and cups. Sometimes there is simply a will to create, or to investigate.

For me, there is little between my studies in graphic design, my career in woodworking and my pottery. Techniques may vary, but there is a constant issue of materiality, form, judgement, investigation... and ultimately a question of authenticity. This authenticity can sometimes reside in the object itself and other times in the relationship between the object and its surroundings.